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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Another Rapper Shot


Beanie Sigel Shot

According to the news here is Philly where Beans lives, rapper Beanie Sigel was shot around 8am this morning in South Philly. Five dudes in 2 cars blocked his car in, and attempted to rob him. He was shot in the upper arm. He is currently in the hospital. That's all the info for now. I will be updating as more info comes in. When will our people learn???

Taylor is New American Idol

All I have to say is BOOOOOOOOOOOO. How did Jay Leno and Michael McDonald's son win? It's a conspiracy.

Nicole and Adam: It's a Wrap, Again

Well, Nicole Richie and DJ AM have split...again. Nothing else really to say about that. But, if you want more details click here.

Sprite Party Pics

Missy looking interesting

Lala why did you let Carmelo out with that hat?

Bryce...where have you been?

WTF???!!! He always looks a confused mess.

Melyssa looks nice I must say

Will Olivia ever have a hit?

Random Pics

Damn you Paula. You need a stylist.

Check out this week's Us Weekly cover

I think I'm officially blind


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