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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Blah, Blah, Blah

98 Degrees Singer Arrested

Former 98 degrees singer, Jeff Timmons, was arrested for drunk driving in April. Why the story is just coming out, I dunno. I do know that he looks a hot holy hell mess in this mug shot. DAMMMMMMMNNNN. I know he's probably depressed because no one cares about him anymore. So sad.

MI:III Premiere Pix

Keyshia, looking ok

What in GOD's name is this fool wearing. 6 Thumbs down, Kanye

Laurence looking a mess

Remy, Why must you always look like a cheap ho?

Nik from ANTM, where has she been?

And of course PSYCHO TOM

Dame Dash Bday Party Pix

News Quickies

Nicole Richie admits she's too thin. DUHHH

Tyra Banks and Tyler Perry are dating.

Star Jones is leaving the View and Rosie is coming in.

Paris Hilton is now dating quarterback, Matt Leinart. She is the biggest slut of all time.

Paris got booted from American Idol

Veronda got booted from ANTM

T.I.'s assistant died in yesterday's shoot out.

Tiger Wood's father passed away from cancer.

Superhead and Bill Mahr are back together.


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