You know you are obsessed with all things celebrities. Sometimes you even refer to them by first name as if you know them. Sometimes you even feel like you do know them. This is what is known as...Friend in my head. For those celebrities that are your friends...well in your head anyway.

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The Celebs are Coming

Peter Brady and Top Model Wed

Christopher Knight and Top Model cycle 2 Winner, Adrienne Curry got married. I'm not shocked, but I don't think it will last. I watched their show they had on VH1 and she is a whack job. And she's only 23 and he's like 45 or some mess. Ewww. more

Nick Lachey and the Stylist

Well, apparently newly single Nick has be romancing a stylist name Kim. I think it's too soon for him to be in anything more than a rebound relationship, but that's just me. more

Celebrity Randomz

Vince got to throw the first pitch at a Cubs game. Apparently he got no sleep the night before.

Wendy...the best in the biz

Rihanna looking Beyonce-ish, hmmm

Um, Is Freddie not feeding you Sarah Michelle?

I like Pink's new look.

Gab looking fab

Prince of R&B at the moment

I'm sorry, but he is sooo not attractive


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