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Friday, May 12, 2006

Computers Suck

Sorry I've been away, but my stupid friggin computer wouldn't let me upload anything. Cross your fingers that we can keep the gossip going.


I had to send a quick shot out to my bff. Happy 24th! (she's on the left).

Now on to the gossip....

Richie Kicks Denise To The Curb

According to this week's InTouch (on newsstands now), Richie dumped Denise. He had seconds thoughts about what the relationship would do to his family. Um, isn't it a little late to be growing a conscience? HMMMM. I still say beat her ass, Heather.

AI's Chris Gets A Sweet Gig

Rock band, Fuel, has offered a job to newly kicked off Idol contestant Chris Daughtry. I hope he takes it. That's SWWWWWEET!

Poseidon Premiere Pics

Fergie, she doesn't look too plastic here

MMMMMM....Josh Lucas.....oh and Emmy

KLS Cosmetics Launch

Kimora looking fabulous

Oprah's Legends Ball Screening

Janet is looking wonderful

tyra...fabulous as always

Mariah half naked as usual

Oprah the Goddess

Tyra Visits TRL



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