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Friday, May 19, 2006

Let the Summer Hours Begin

J.Lo is Preggo

All the mags this week are reporting that Ms. Lopez is 3 months pregnant. Tell tale sign is this massive showing of grey roots in the above photo. Yay! I'm happy for her, however, I am mad that its Mr. Bones aka Marc Anthony's baby. I hope it has her looks. Congrats Jen!

Brit Slips and Sean Almost Falls

First of all, Miss Britney Spears was walking along in NYC with a glass cup of "water" in one hand and Sean Preston in the other. Then, she slips almost falls, and Sean Preston is like dangling from her arms. Luckily her bodyguards stopped from completely falling and bustin Sean in the head (again). And, as if that wasn't enough, she is wearing this outfit!! WTF!!??? There are soooo many things wrong with this picture. She finally wears a damn bra and its there for all the world to see. Um, Brit, have you ever heard of a strapless bra??!! Have you ever heard of a layering tank? And, don't get me started on the thong showing. Ughhh.Brit, you get 4 snaps down for this outfit. Please use your money to hire a stylist.

Tyra and Danielle Step Out

Danielle, ANTM 6 winner, and Tyra stepped out at some event. They look fab. However, Tyra pleeeease stop it with the lace front wigs. They look super-uber-fake at the hairline, and i'm so over it. But I still luv ya.

Angelina in Labor?

It's about damn time. Well, my sources tell me that Angelina is in labor as we speak. I hope this is true because she has been 9 months pregnant since January. I'm ready for her to be done with it.

Dreamgirls Premiere Pix

That dress is gorgeous

Jamie all pimped out

New Era Store Launch Party

Love the outfit, Olivia

Dj Clue

Big Tigger and some dude named Saigon


Kimora and the kiddies

This is the 4th picture of Golden Brooks that I have seen this week. And, she looks equally as crackheadish in all of them. Um, has she been hanging out with Whitney?

MMM....just a lil Wentworth eye candy for the ladies...and some men (How You Doing?)

4 Snaps down for DJ AM...What's with the Dipset/Juelz White Tee?? Since when are you hood? Fall back Adam.


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