You know you are obsessed with all things celebrities. Sometimes you even refer to them by first name as if you know them. Sometimes you even feel like you do know them. This is what is known as...Friend in my head. For those celebrities that are your friends...well in your head anyway.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Sex, Murder, & Mayhem

There's no like BREAKING NEWS at the moment. But, DaVinci Code to make $77 million this weekend. Although, I heard it sucked. Anywho, enjoy the pics below for the moment. Hopefully some juicy news will develop throughout the day.

The Break-Up Movie Premiere

She don't look as bad as usual

Jennifer, doesn't she look like a plain jane soccer mom?

Amanda Bynes

Vince...looking his usual tired self

Johnny Gill's 40th Bday Party

Janet looking fab

Eddie looks a sick crackhead mess..How You Doin?

New Edition, no comment

They pulled Donnie Wahlberg out the crates

Johnny looking a hot mess

Random Pix

mmmm...50 looking quite sexy...luv the outfit


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