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Friday, June 30, 2006

Ahhh, Vacation

**I'm on vacation all week (oh yea, I know you're jealous) so my posts will be limited and there probably won't be any pictures. But, still enjoy my commentary all the same** --mgmt

Simpson/Lachey Divorce Final

Finally, Jessica and Nick's divorce is final. So, does this mean we can finally put this story to rest? Ugghh I'm so over them.

Vibe Magazine Sold

According to, Vibe magazine has been sold to mediaweek. Unfortunately, that meant that some staffers were given the boot. I wonder what this means for Vibe Vixen? I guess it was bundled in with the deal.
In somewhat related news, Marc Ecko is looking to buy The Source. That would be a good look for Marc, in my opinion. full story.

Lil' Kim is Coming Home

Lil' Kim will be released from jail on Monday July 3rd. That's nice, but all I wanna know is what she looks like? How did her hair and plastic surgery hold up while she was in the pen? story.

Summer Movies in Full Force

I don't know about you all but I know I am super excited for the movies coming out this holiday weekend/week. Superman and the Devil Wears Prada are out today. And next Friday Pirates of the Carribbean: The Dead Man's Chest is out. YAY!!! That means I will be dropping like $30 this week on movie outings alone. That's highway robbery.


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