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Friday, June 23, 2006

Friday News

Selma Blair, Ahmet Zappa Split

Another Hollywood marriage fallen apart. So sad. read more

Superman Returns Premiere

Eva & Tony...still strong

They only let Joey in because he's obsessed.

You knew he was going to be there front and center as much as he is obsessed with Superman.

I'm sorry but he is just not as sexy as Superman should be.

EW's Must List Party

Mrs. Bratman aka Miss Aguilera

Terrence Howard looking sexy


Daily Radomness

So, Brit is goth now?

Jessica on her way to Mr. Chow's least he not rocking them corny neck sashes this time. But what's up with the taco meat? 2 snaps down Mr. West.

Oh hellz naw...Who is this hoe all hugged up with my man. Don't make me fly out there.

This is much better. mmmmm


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