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Monday, June 26, 2006

Kidman & Urban Wed

Aww, Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban said 'I do' in an intimate ceremony this weekend over in Australia. full story

Oh, and Marcia Cross got married too. Oh wait, nobody cares? Does this get the crickets? Ok then.

R.I.P. Aaron Spelling

Aaron Spelling, creator of tv shows such as 90210 died over the weekend from complications of a stroke. He's also Tori Spelling's dad in case you didn't know. Condolences out to the fam.

Kevin Says PEACE to the BSB

Well, it looks like Backstreet Boy, Kevin Richardson, is leaving the group. He is the oldest one which makes him too damn old to be in the Backstreet Boys. But, didn't the Backstreet Boys fall wayyyy off anyways? Does anyone care? *Crickets*

Jigga in Concert

Jay-Z gave a one night only concert at NYC's Radio City Music Hall over the weekend. Checkout some pics. Damn, wish I was there.

Memph Bleek, what's going on with that hat fam? It's supposed to be a FITTED, not a LOOSEY

Sway and Foxy Brown

Kelly looks so great these days.

The Jigga man himself

Jay and B

Beyonce and J

Beyonce looking fab

And you know its a sad event when...

Vanilla Ice is performing and...

Mario Vasquez is a damn VIP guest.
BOOOOO, who paid money to see this mess?


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