You know you are obsessed with all things celebrities. Sometimes you even refer to them by first name as if you know them. Sometimes you even feel like you do know them. This is what is known as...Friend in my head. For those celebrities that are your friends...well in your head anyway.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

parties, parties, parties

Keanu Talks Marriage

Keanu doesn't want to be alone. He wants marriage, kids...join the club. read on

MTV Movie Awards

Owen looking sexy

Who let them in?

Sexy ass Justin...mmm

Christina & Jessica Alba looking fab

Miss Simpson

Olivia Newton John's Man, alive?

Oh hell to the naw. You mean to tell me, I thought your ass was dead and you over chillin in Mexico?? Oh hells naws. Let me catch you on the street...I'm beating some a$$....That's what I would say if I were Olivia Newton-John. full story

Random Pix


Wow, she cleans up nicely






Nas and Kelis

Oh Hells Naws...Why Remy? Was that long weave necessary? Was that outfit necessary?

Terence and Jeremy all GQ'd out


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