You know you are obsessed with all things celebrities. Sometimes you even refer to them by first name as if you know them. Sometimes you even feel like you do know them. This is what is known as...Friend in my head. For those celebrities that are your friends...well in your head anyway.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Welcome to June!

What Houston Rapper Has HIV?

I don't know, but is reporting that a prominent Houston rapper gave his girlfriend of 2 years the MONSTER (aka HIV). She found his pills in his sock drawer, confronted him, he denied it, and then she got a test it came back positive! Damn Damn Damn! She is suing him for $25 million. Well, let's speculate about who it could be...

Hmmmmm...Could it be Bun B.? Mike Jones? Lil' Flip? Paul Wall? Slim Thug?

Letoya Sighting

Miss Letoya Luckett was chillin in NYC yesterday. I must say she looks fabulous.

Anna Nicole is Prego

TMZ is reporting that Anna Nicole Smith is 'definitely' prego. Five months along to be exact. Very interesting...I feel for that child.


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