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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Happy belated bday Jessica!

Jessica Simpson Turns 26

On Monday, yes I know I'm late, Jess turned 26. She celebrated in Mexico on the beach with her family and friends. Happy Birthday Jess. more

Nick & Aaron Carter Get It In

And, I mean, get it in. They apparently beat the crap out of each other the other day at their home. And since they are filming a reality show, that will be airing on E! this fall, we will get to see it all on tape. Sounds like entertainment to me. I will be watching. Aaron even has a bruise on his face. Damn!! Nick tore it down. source

The Simple Life 5?

Ok, I don't get it. Nicole and Paris hate each other, but the network just won't let them get away. Why in the hot holy hell are they ordering another season be done, and get this...they want them to be filmed together this time. I understand the producers think this will be great ratings since they will probably rip each other's heads off, but I sympathize with the girls. I mean this is their lives we're talking about. Just think if you and your best friend you've known all your life "broke up" and people were forcing you to work together and have the whole world see it. I'd try to get out of my contract if I were them. Ughh, I guess we shall see how this breaks down.

Beyonce Does TRL

I'm so mad because I forgot to tape this. I wanna see her new video so bad. That's my song! Anyways, she looked so amazingly gorgeous. The hair was awesome, she looks flawless and her outfit is fierce. Work it girl!

ESPY Awards Pix

Damn! I'm not gay, but her ass is crazy! I can see why she is the hot thing in Hollywood right now.

Wow, she looks fab.

Dwyane Wade and the Mrs.

Bode Miller's looking kinda sexy

Janet looks absolutely gorgeous

Mmmm....pure sexiness. That's the Bush I want in office


Will Venus ever stop getting her hair done by Shay Shay off the block? WTF??? Who are her friends? Why are they not telling her she looks a hot mess? Where is her stylist?

She is just stunning. I love Sanaa.

Matt Leinart is extra sexy. He can holla.


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