You know you are obsessed with all things celebrities. Sometimes you even refer to them by first name as if you know them. Sometimes you even feel like you do know them. This is what is known as...Friend in my head. For those celebrities that are your friends...well in your head anyway.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

here's a lil taste

Paris Hilton a Mom?

Ewww, she says she wants kids within the next five years. I hope she grows up and stops her whore phase by then. Ughh. source

Keira Knightley can claim she isn't aneorexic all she wants to. But, the bottom line is she needs to eat. Nobody wants a 12 yr old boy but Michael Jackson. Oops did I say that?

Essence Music Festival

Jaheim been looking a hot mess lately

Mr. Foxx

Bobby, please keep your shirt on. And, I heard you got booed off the stage. Probably because you took your shirt off.

FAB!! Watch out for the big girls

Random Corner

She is looking more and more crackish everyday. Anyway, happy 20th l.lo

why is he still trying to push this whack ass gold chain on us?

why is she famous?

damn Keanu. looks like times is hard. did you forget you had an appearance today?


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