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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Let's Get It Started

Nick Lachey On Tour

Nick Lachey is coming to a town near you this fall. He will be touring the US this September and October. I like Nick and all, but I don't think I like him enough to pay to see him. I don't know how well this tour will do. I mean, he only has one single. Unless, he resorts to singing old 98 degrees tunes. Hmmmm. more.

AI'sChris Signs Record Deal

YAY! I knew he'd land a deal. I can't wait to hear his album. He shoulda won! He got robbed. But hopefully he'll get the last laugh. full story

You, Me & Dupree Premiere

I can't wait to see this movie. Check it out this weekend.

Matt is sexy in a wierd way

I like this look a lil bit

I looooove him *swoon*


Shar looks nice

Damnit Snoop...5 snaps down


Is it just me or is Wimbeldon champ Roger Federer kinda sexy a lil bit?

Raven...the weave is layin' nicely

Oh hellllllls naw....Who is behind this fashion catastrophe?

Those weaves Brandy promotes have done wonders for her hairstyles. Too bad it feels like wool in the hair store. Have you ever felt this brand in the store?

**Why is Brigitte Nielsen getting married? Better yet why is that dude marrying her?
**Russell Crowe and the Mrs. have another offspring.
**Leann Rimes has to have surgery
**Lindsay Lo. has a NEW boytoy...not surprising
**Rev Run, broke? Say It Ain't So


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