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Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Who Said it?

What celebrity [female] recently told a magazine "I'm Celibate"?
Hmmmm....The very interesting and comical answer will be revealed later in this post.

Dancing with the Stars

Ready to hear who will be on the show this season? Vivica Fox, Joey Lawerence, Emmitt Smith and Mario 'Slater' Lopez. Wow, talk about your washed up stars. Although, Joey Lawrence is mad sexy so I may need to tune in just for him. It debuts September 12 on ABC.

Step Up Premiere

I can't wait to see this movie. Mainly because of this man here. ..

I love Channing! He is soooo HOT!

Ciara's outfit is fab and so is her weave.

Nice to see the Jigga Man out for Rick Ross's album release party.

The answer to the quote "I'm Celibate" is


She says she is "sick of boyfriends" and doesn't want to have sex for a year. ROTFL. Are you serious. I mean if she is serious then, good for you. But she can't be serious. And what's even more hilarious is the fact that she claims she has only had 2 sexual partners in her lifetime. HAHHAHAHAHAHA....yea and I'm millionaire. I know you don't have to be having sex with ever guy you are seen with but she has been hot and heavy with quite a few lads. And she is always acting and dressing skankish. Why give off the whore vibe if you aren't really one ???? Read the lies here


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